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Violence against women prevalence research in PNG


2019 – Present

Oxfam in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea


Collective Action is leading violence prevalence research in PNG. The research began as a baseline study for the Community Healing and Rebuilding Program, however, it is being expanded beyond the communities where the program is being trialled. This is because the study has proven to be effective in mitigating the risks associated with research into violence against women, and it is generating valuable insights into the prevalence of violence against women. Additionally, OiPNG now has a team of skilled enumerators based across PNG who can conduct the research.

The methodology and survey design brings together international best-practice with local expertise. The methodology and survey were developed through co-design process with Oxfam staff and CSOs, who were also trained as enumerators. Collective Action provide regular training and technical support to the research team to implement the study. We are currently writing a research paper on the preliminary findings of the research.

“Alison is a dedicated person who delivers quality products on time and is willing to go the extra mile. She has expertise in developing gender-based violence prevention programs with solid monitoring and evaluation component integrated into it. We have found that she takes an empowering approach to working with our national staff.”

Charlotte Kakebeeke | PNG Programme Director, Oxfam in Papua New Guinea