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Gender equality and social inclusion workshop



Australian Awards Program

Papua New Guinea


Collective Action partnered with the University of Queensland to deliver a gender equality and social inclusion workshop to Australian Award candidates from PNG. The workshop aimed to reduce perceived tensions between PNG and Australian culture and reduce the risk of intimate partner violence. It explored gender equality through the lens of PNG culture and norms to highlight shared values, equipping women and men with the tools to nurture positive, supportive relationships with their spouse, and supporting women to invest in their wellbeing and access support.

“The approach that you both took to the day created a space for women and men to discuss what are sensitive issues in a way that was strengths-based, supportive and not overly threatening (or perhaps had just the right amount of threat). Also, your ability to adjust the afternoon session on the fly to respond to what had emerged the day prior was great.”

Dr Tim Grice | UQ International Development