Meet Our Team

We believe that we can achieve the best outcomes for our clients by bringing together people with diverse skill sets and experiences. At Collective Action, we have a core team of specialists who provide input into every project. We also work with consultants to create multidisciplinary teams that are fit for purpose for each client and project.


Collective Action Team

Alison Barclay – Director and Principal Consultant

At the helm of Collective Action, Alison drives our strategic direction. She handpicks projects in line with our mission, vision, and values, delivering exceptional outcomes for organisations across the globe. Bringing with her a wealth of experience spanning over a decade, she specialises in working with not-for-profit organisations on diverse social justice programs in the areas of gender equality, social inclusion, violence prevention, sexual and reproductive health rights, LGBTIQ+ inclusion, and HIV prevention. She holds an MA in gender and development studies and has advanced technical skills in research, program design, monitoring and evaluation, and instructional design.

Ruth Pitt – Evaluation Specialist

Ruth is an evaluation specialist with diverse experience in consulting, government and not-for-profit organisations, in Australia and overseas. Her qualifications include a Master of Public Health and a Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution, which she completed as part of a Graduate Degree Fellowship at the East-West Center. She has training and experience in applied qualitative and quantitative research and data analysis, evaluation capacity building and training, research communication, and facilitation. Ruth has worked across the thematic areas of injury prevention, prevention of violence against women, health promotion, and sexual and reproductive health.

Melissa Russell – Research Associate  

Melissa is a Perth-based lecturer, tutor, and research associate in communication and cultural studies, specialising in gender studies and ethics. Melissa has a PhD in the field of cultural studies and has nine years of experience as an educator. This has given her a strong understanding of learning modes and pathways. She is adept at supporting capacity building activities and facilitating learning experiences. She has worked as a research associate on a variety of projects, including projects designed to prevent and eliminate violence against women and projects that promote the inclusion, wellbeing, and safety of LGBTIQ+ people.

Sarah Williamson – Writer and Editor

Our in-house editor, Sarah develops, refines, and polishes the content we produce, ensuring that everything we deliver to our clients is clear, concise, and of the highest quality. Passionate about languages, she has been studying grammatical systems and language use for over 18 years. She has a strong command of multiple internationally recognised style guides, and easily adapts her editing style to align with client requirements. She also teaches English as a second language, a vocation that allows her to share her expert knowledge of English with students from countries across the globe.


Our partners

Anthia Mirawidya

Anthia is a graphic designer and illustrator with extensive experience creating graphics for not-for-profit organisations. She specialises in designing information education materials and infographics that are tailored to local audiences. She has many years of experience designing for Asia Pacific communities and collaborating with writers and communications specialists.

Kiri Dicker

Kiri Dicker is a gender specialist and inclusive evaluator with extensive experience working on social development programs for a range of clients in Australia and the Indo-Pacific region. Her skills include applied qualitative and quantitative research and data analysis, gender-sensitive monitoring and evaluation, and designing and delivering face-to-face and online learning experiences. Kiri Dicker holds a Master of Community Development (Southern Cross University, 2012), a Graduate Certificate in Gender Mainstreaming, Policy and Analysis (Flinders University, 2016), and has completed the kNOwVAW Data Course on measuring the prevalence of violence against women (Melbourne University, 2019). She is currently studying a Specialist Certificate in Implementation Science (Melbourne University, 2020). She is also a member of the Australian Evaluation Society (AES). Kiri works from home on unceded Bundjalung country in Northern NSW.

Kirsten Doyle

Kirsten is a clinical psychologist who specialises in the field of developmental trauma and trauma-related disorders – a domain that spans a range of psychological disciplines. These include family wellbeing, attachment, child and adolescent psychology, infant mental health, adult mental health, and educational psychology. She has several years’ experience in the community, public, and private sectors working with a range of clients, including families, children, and young people. In addition to her direct clinical practice, she provides consultation to schools, government organisations, and NGOs aiming to incorporate an understanding of childhood trauma into their practice.