About Us

Who are we?

Collective Action is a social impact consultancy specialising in designing, implementing, and evaluating community-centred, evidence-based interventions that empower populations facing discrimination and structural disadvantage.

We work across the program cycle to increase the impact of community-centred programs, including through formative and social research, program design, monitoring and evaluation, policy and advocacy, and staff training and development.

How do we achieve social change?

We recognise that social change cannot be achieved by one program, one organisation, or with one approach. It happens slowly and quietly, with many small outcomes contributing to bigger changes over time, and it depends on collaboration. To effect social change, we work in partnership with our clients and communities to achieve a common vision.

What makes Collective Action different?

We seek to break the traditional consulting mould by building genuine and lasting partnerships with our clients. Our specialists do more than provide short-term technical advice. Through an action-learning approach, they share knowledge, skills, and resources to help build capacity for our clients over the long term.

We have been working with many of our clients for several years, providing ongoing training and coaching to build their internal capacity for program design, monitoring and evaluation, and research.

Our mission

To work in partnership with community-based organisations to eliminate social injustice, inequality, violence, and discrimination.

Our vision

Every person has the resources and support to exercise their rights and enjoy a life without injustice, violence, and discrimination.



We choose projects in line with our vision and seek out clients with shared values. We invest in delivering quality outputs by contributing pro-bono hours when funding is limited.


We believe everyone has the right and the expertise to lead change in their own lives. As such, we pride ourselves on being facilitators rather than experts. We work with communities, either directly or through community-based organisations, empowering them to build the knowledge and skills they need to drive social change.

Intersectionality and inclusion

We take an intersectional approach to our work to make sure that people facing discrimination and structural disadvantage have the space, resources, and support they need to contribute to and benefit from community development. We are skilled at identifying and addressing power imbalances; we create space for diverse voices and experiences to ensure all members of the community can participate in and contribute to the projects that impact them.

Collaboration and partnership

We facilitate collective action by working with and combining expertise from communities, not-for-profit organisations, academia, government agencies, and the private sector to create multidisciplinary approaches to solve complex social problems.

Evidence based

We are committed to learning from and strengthening the evidence base on what works in social justice programming and developing resources to synthesize the evidence base and promote best practice.